Hot New Hair Regrowth Formula

Provillus Reviews

New Hair Regrowth Formula

You have likely heard about Provillus by now. It is currently one of the hottest new hair regrowth formulas on the market. It has been rapidly increasing in popularity as more customers try it and share their successes using the product.

Maybe you have thinning hair, or a receding hair line. Perhaps you already have some bald spots, place where hair has just stopped growing. Modern science offers us a variety of ways to combat these conditions. Some people opt for surgery. Hair transplantation can be extremely expensive.

If you are looking for a more cost effective route, this product may be for you. No product can guarantee 100% success, but some products are proving much better than others. Read on to see why we think Provillus may be the solution you have been looking for. It is also important to mention that Provillus comes in two different formats; Provillus for men and Provillus for women, so you will have a product that is developed specially for you type of hair.

Provillus Hair Loss Treatment

Both men and women can experience hair loss. It happens for different reasons and at different ages so it must be wise to learn how to grow your hair faster. This scientifically advanced product is available in two formulas. One is geared specifically for men, and the other for women – taking into account the differences in hormones and body chemistry between the genders.

Creating formulas that are specifically designed to meet the needs of your body shows how dedicated the manufacturer is to providing a high quality product with a high success rate. Hair loss sufferers appreciate a product that is manufactured to offer every possible advantage.

Provillus Formula Building Blocks

This product uses Minoxidil, which is an FDA approved ingredient that blocks DHT and stops the shrinkage of hair follicles. DHT is the enzyme that is responsible for the shedding of hairs, often before they would naturally have fallen.

Saw palmetto is found in Provillus for men, and it supports Minoxidil in decreasing DHT production. This dynamic pair also work together to promote new hair growth.

Azelaic Acid is another essential ingredient, and one that really sets this product above the competition. It is responsible for provoking natural healthy new hair growth, restoring the thickness and strength of your hair.


Androgenic Alopecia Hair Loss Treatment

Safety of Provillus

In a few cases, users have mentioned some mild itching or dryness of the scalp after using the topical solution for several days. Side effects are rare, but some customers who have doubled the recommended dosage in hopes of achieving faster results, have complained of chest pain or palpitations. Unfortunately, exceeding the maximum recommended dose will not yield faster results.

As with all medications and supplements, it is essential that you follow the directions to obtain the best results. This product can be used while taking other medications, but consult your doctor or pharmacist to prevent interactions and discuss the best dosing schedule.

Provillus Scam

Unfortunately some reviews circulating on the internet have claimed that Provillus is a scam – that the product does not work. This is certainly enough to concern some potential customers, however, the company has been in business since 2002 and is rapidly growing in popularity.

There are no unresolved complaints with the Better Business Bureau. It should also be noted that there is definitely no shortage of positive reviews from well satisfied customers who are thrilled with the results they have gotten by using Provillus.